For vision-based applications

For industrial sectors of activity, Visif Technology offers the realization of imaging unit.

Know-how in intelligent camera design

Real-time architecture,

Autonomous conclusion,

Embedded Firmware Flexibility(FPGA)

Lighting techniques

Optical know-how

We can design optronics solutions that will embed your specific algorithms, in electronics , within the camera. This design allows the set-up of an imaging system dedicated to the mission, much more responsive and fast. Calculations are made close to the sensor. The flow consisting of the conclusion alone is transmitted. Information becomes lighter and fluid.

Applications :

An imaging unit meeting your expectations will fit in a control machine or in a machine that must deliver an interpretable image.

Benefits :

• A solution dedicated to the mission is more powerful for digital processing. It is a lighter design,

• A system that can be duplicated and easy to maintain.

Example of industrial application that we control:
Real-time inspection on manufacturing line, for extrusion.